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News/Anouncements: H8eraide Announces Launch of Racing Line – 25 by H8eraide

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All Profits Help Fund The H8 Cancer Foundation

About us

H8eraide, from its first moments of conception, was meant to break molds and reinvent what it means to be “Green.”

H8eraide High Performance Cleaners is a manufacturer of the strongest environmentally friendly detailing products in each of the industries they serve. Furthermore H8eraide is changing the way people view “Green” cleaners by creating chemicals with the strength of our competitors that are safer for the environment.

With H8erAide “Green” means having the strength to do the toughest jobs without compromising your safety or harming the environment.

In addition H8eraide was founded with a goal of providing the automotive, marine, rv, and aircraft industries with the best environmentally products they have ever used. Our company started with marine products and expanded to other industries. In the marine industry consumers are conscious about what chemicals go into the water. Other industries must follow as everything gets washed away into the environment. Our products will become the leading choice worldwide for OEM’s, detail shops, car washes, marina’s etc. We will be forever advancing our product lines to create the best “Green” cleaners on the market.

Another benefit is H8eraide washes and cleaners are 100% biodegradable, phosphate and nitrate free, and contain no NPE or SLS surfactants or their derivatives.

Many companies follow trends. We prefer to set them.

H8erAide was born “Green” and born with a purpose. 100% of Profits are donated directly to the H8 Cancer Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit dedicated to curing cancer.